The need for new content

I am always talking to my clients about keeping their sites fresh with new content. Oh yes, I need to practice what I preach which is why I have created this section of my website titled, "Maryann's Writings." Now my issue is to add articles regularly.  I just listened to a podcast from Janet E Johnson's (janetejohnson.com)  "Social Media Hangout Time" (socialmediahangouttime.com) Content Calendar Stategies with Pamela Muldoon which basically states that you need to get your time set on your calendar for the things you need to do -- write articles, promote them via facebook, twitter, etc. She suggested selecting a date for the launch and work backwards to get it in the schedule and completed.  She also suggested doing these articles a month ahead, so you can be ready for the following month without making it always a crisis.

Why do we need this new content?

Search engines look for new and updated content. The more you have updated content–the more they will index your site. New content develops new keywords and topics increasing the potential for searches to land on your site. Are you aware of the changes Google has made in the past year?  They track what one searches for and try to suggest other items along those same or similar lines. One can view this negatively as prying into one's private business or one can take the positive approach, especially a business, and look at the potential opportunities this may create for one's website being found.

Another fact to remember, people like to read new information - if they go to your site and find the same info as was there last month and the month before and so on, they may not want to return.  Your business/website needs to hold that viewer's interest.

Topics that I plan to discuss in my future writings (not necessarily in this order):

  • Why I choose the Drupal content management system
  • What is a content management system
  • Open source versus proprietary software
  • Social media and its effects on the web
  • Google analytics
  • Your website's role in your company business plan
  • Responsive web design
  • Search engine optimization