Classique Jewelry

Classique Jewelry responsive web design

Classique Jewelry was concerned about the poor page ranking of its website.  Site was functioned as a port that sent customers to other jewelry wholesale houses web sites, i.e., it was sending the customer away from them instead of bringing the traffic to the site.  We developed a strategy to bring the customer to its site and provide its customers with a sampling of jewelry from each wholesale vendor to peak their interest.  If the customer decided on a piece or wanted to see more, they could 1) call Classique and order the item; 2) they could choose to click a targeted link to the wholesale house and view more items and then call Classique to order; or 3) they could come to Classique's store and view a selection in the store or page through the paper catalogs, get their questions answered and place their orders.

The results were lower bounce rates, added staying time on the site, and an increase in site ranking.


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